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Kitty Dukakis Visits Minnesota First On Delegation Rounds

July 18, 1988

ATLANTA (AP) _ Kitty Dukakis visited Minnesota’s delegation in her first such foray Monday, praising the state for bucking the Reagan landslide in 1984 and for offering her ″a new life″ free of addiction to diet pills.

″I can’t think of a better place to start,″ the wife of soon-to-be presidential nominee Michael Dukakis told the Democrats gathered for their party’s national convention.

″Your great state was the only state with the good sense to be in the Democratic column in 1984, and we’re going to make sure that you have lots of company in 1988,″ she said in her remarks at the delegation’s headquarters hotel.

She also said Minnesota was the state that gave her husband his first victory outside New England.

Mrs. Dukakis, who received two standing ovations from the delegates, also said she has a special feeling for the state because of her time at Hazelden in Center City, Minn., where she was treated for her addiction six years ago.

″It was in your state that I began a new life,″ she said. ″Minnesota has very precious and personal meaning to me personally, and I will never forget it.″

Mrs. Dukakis said she knew from eight visits to Minnesota during her husband’s presidential campaign what nearly two full terms under a Republican administration means to the unemployed and farmers.

″On the Iron Range, I saw what seven years of neglect have done to working families and to your economy,″ she said, referring to the economic turmoil that struck the heavily Democratic northeastern Minnesota region in the early 1980s.

Referring to this summer’s drought and its impact on the state’s farmers, Mrs. Dukakis said, ″We need to do all we can do to make sure no more farmers lose their farms because of this crisis.″

To her husband, Mrs. Dukakis said, ″That means income support for farmers, help for those with troubled loans and no more price cuts for dairy farmers.″

Besides recognizing those who organized her husband’s campaign in Minnesota, Mrs. Dukakis praised the organizers of Jesse Jackson’s campaign in the state for running a ″strong, well-organized and positive campaign.″

Minnesota’s 90-member delegation includes 50 Dukakis delegates, 29 Jackson delegates, eight uncommitted delegates and three who say they will vote for Illinois Sen. Paul Simon on the first ballot Wednesday night.

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