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Thunderstorms Strike Midwest

April 27, 1989

Undated (AP) _ Thunderstorms that left one person dead continued to bring hail and damaging winds from Iowa to North Carolina today.

In central Iowa, strong winds in Granger toppled a newly erected wall over a 21-year-old construction worker Wednesday. Leroy Lundberg died instantly, according to State Medical Examiner Thomas Bennett.

Winds reached up to 75 mph and tornadoes and golf ball-size hail were reported as the thunderstorms swept across the state.

In Illinois, thunderstorms Wednesday spawned a tornado in the western part of the state near Carrollton and winds gusting up to 68 mph blew the windows out of homes in Casey near the Indiana border.

Thunderstorm winds also downed trees and power lines in parts of North Carolina and Indiana. Golf ball-size hail fell near Louisville and other parts of Kentucky.

Strong storms that produced winds of up to 60 mph and dime-size hail over parts of northwestern and north-central Oklahoma were drifting into southern Kansas early this morning. Thunderstorms also were reported over the Nebraska panhandle today.

Elsewhere, rain dampened parts of central Texas, the Pacific Northwest and the northern Plains.

Heavier rainfall totals for the six hour period ending at 2 a.m. EDT included 1 1/2 inches as Dickinson, N.D.

Today’s forecast called for rain from the northern Rockies through the central Plains and into parts of the upper Mississippi Valley; snow in the foothills region of central Montana; and showers and thunderstorms over the central Rio Grande Valley of Texas and the lower Missouri and parts of the middle Mississippi valleys.

Highs were expected to be in the 40s in the northern Rockies and northern Plains; in the 50s in the central Rockies and the northern Great Lakes into New England; in the 80s from the southern Plains across the Southeast; in the 90s across central and eastern Kansas and northwest Missouri; and in the 60s and 70s elsewhere.

Temperatures around the nation at 3 a.m. EDT ranged from 26 degrees at Houlton, Maine, and Yellowstone Park, Wyo., to 78 degrees at Concordia and Salina, Kan.

Other reports:

-East: Atlanta 68 fair; Boston 45 fair; Buffalo 45 partly cloudy; Charleston, S.C. 72 fair; Cincinnati 64 hazy; Cleveland 45 fair; Detroit 49 hazy; Miami 72 fair; New York 53 fair; Philadelphia 54 fair; Pittsburgh 55 fair; Portland, Maine 38 cloudy; Washington 56 fair.

-Central: Bismarck 40 cloudy; Chicago 56 hazy; Dallas-Fort Worth 73 fair; Denver 48 fair; Des Moines 64 fair; Indianapolis 64 thunderstorms; Kansas City 75 windy; Minneapolis-St. Paul 50 fair; Nashville 68 fair; New Orleans 67 fair; St. Louis 67 fair.

-West: Albuquerque 51 fair; Anchorage 43 cloudy; Las Vegas 54 fair; Los Angeles 56 fair; Phoenix 62 fair; Salt Lake City 38 partly cloudy; San Diego 58 partly cloudy; San Francisco 52 fair; Seattle 50 cloudy.

-Canada: Montreal 34 fair; Toronto 45 cloudy.

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