Expansion of overlay district fails to pass despite majority vote

December 19, 2018

NORFOLK - Expansion of the North Fork of the Elkhorn River overlay district brought some debate to the Norfolk City Council meeting Monday night.

City Planner Val Grimes told the council members the City is looking to expand the boundaries to a quarter mile north of Benjamin Avenue and an eighth of a mile north of Omaha Avenue.

Some residents in the area expressed concerns with the overlay district and said it puts a, “burden” on them.

Mayor Josh Moenning said the goal of the overlay is to preserve and protect what the existing use of the area already is.

“We were in the neighborhood having discussions with the neighbors saying, ‘Look this is what we think is ideal already existing for this riverfront district as we saw the corridor defined in the comprehensive planning process’ We don’t want to change anything we want to preserve and protect what’s there.”

After about an hour of discussion, the motion failed to pass by a vote to 4 to 3 with Council Members Corey Granquist, Jim Lange, and Thad Murren voting against and Shane Clausen absent

Five votes are needed to pass an ordinance.

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