Wagner Would Fight For Rights Of Pre-born

October 5, 2018

Editor: Some people may not be aware of how radical, cruel and pro-abortion Gov. Tom Wolf really is. He vetoed a bipartisan bill in December 2017 that aimed at protecting pre-born babies from late-term and dismemberment abortion. The Democrat governor promised to veto Senate Bill 3, which passed the state House 121-70 and passed the Senate 32-18. Senate Bill 3 would have stopped late-term abortions, banning them after 20 weeks gestation. The bill also would have prohibited dismemberment abortions where the abortionist must tear the baby apart in the womb to evacuate the baby. This is an inhumane practice. If legislation of Senate Bill 3 had been enacted, the legislation would have saved at least 380 children a year from abortion. This is the number of abortions committed on pre-born babies between 21-23 weeks gestation in 2015, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The Pennsylvania Department of Health reported 1,588 dismemberment abortions in 2015. Planned Parenthood has announced it intends to spend $1.5 million to ensure that pro-abortion Democrat Tom Wolf remains the governor of Pennsylvania. Wolf is a former Planned Parenthood volunteer, and has continued to serve the abortion giant in office. He has promised to veto legislation banning abortions that target Down syndrome children and abortions on babies with detectable heartbeats. Wolf’s Republican challenger Sen. Scott Wagner is not a cruel and radical individual. The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation has given Scott Wagner a 100 percent pro-life voting record. Wagner sponsored the late-term abortion ban Wolf vetoed, as well as legislation to defund Planned Parenthood — the nation’s largest provider of abortions. As governor Scott Wagner would continue to fight for the rights of the pre-born. Maureen Roughsedge WILKES-BARRE

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