WASHINGTON (AP) _ The Clinton administration on Thursday increased Cambodia's quota for apparel shipments into the United States by 5 percent in recognition of progress the country has made on enforcing labor standards.

``We are encouraged by the strides that Cambodia has made and we applaud its commitment to improving labor rights,'' U.S. Trade Representative Charlene Barshefsky said in a statement.

In a 1999 agreement with Cambodia, the United States committed to boosting Cambodia's annual quota for textile shipments by 14 percent if Cambodia met internationally recognized core labor standards.

In December, the administration ruled that Cambodia had not made sufficient progress to receive the 14 percent increase. But it offered a 5 percent increase this year if Cambodia allowed the International Labor Organization to establish a monitoring program of working conditions in the garment industry.

The ILO and Cambodia reached agreement on that monitoring program earlier this month.

The U.S.-Cambodian textile agreement is the first trade measure to tie U.S. trade concessions to adherence to core labor standards, an issue the United States is also pushing before the World Trade Organization.