Hospital Cited For Systemic Violations

November 15, 2018


The Pennsylvania Department of Health cited Wilkes-Barre General Hospital for systemic violations related to inadequate staffing concerns raised by the union which represents registered nurses.

The Wyoming Valley Nurses Association submitted a large packet of patient care and staffing concerns to the Department of Health.

In response, the department initiated an unannounced on-site investigation from Sept. 10 to 14.

According to its report, the Department of Health found a “systemic nature of noncompliance with regard to nursing services” citing that management “failed to schedule a sufficient number of RNs and/or ancillary staff on the nursing units for 81 of 148 shifts reviewed.” The report found 91 open registered nurse positions and reliance on an excessive use of overtime.

Investigators cited Wilkes-Barre General Hospital for violations of 19 state and federal health codes related to patient rights, staffing and emergency services.


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