May 1, 2019

Morning can bring an empty dread

When doubt and dullness lie ahead

No worse deal does someone know

Than all dressed up, no place to go.

Absence of a future plan

Limits the venue in life of man

If not in charge, it’s easy to see

We’ve turned things over to destiny.

Good portion of faith must be infused

For what’s uncharted ends up unused,

No need to chart our eternity

Just daily causes for you and me.

Days become an unstructured route

If we let our tomorrows fizzle out

Life soon loses all its splendor

When the future we surrender.

Be not robbed of the anticipates,

The chance of arrival for what awaits;

If faith and courage are to survive,

Mankind must keep hope alive.

Motivation, be it so true,

Hinges on our looking forward to--

There’s a reason to jump out of bed

When meaningful plans lie ahead!

Don Aslett of McCammon is the founder of The Museum of Clean, 711 S. 2nd Ave., Pocatello, and still enjoys giving tours to all visitors. Check out the museum’s website at www.museumofclean.com.