Another Natural Gas Line

September 28, 2018

There are currently 755 miles of high-pressure natural gas line in Oregon. In Douglas County, one of these lines roughly parallels the I-5 freeway from Glendale to Cottage Grove. The pipeline right of way is usually within 5 miles of the freeway and crosses under the freeway several times. Obviously numerous access roads east and west also cross the right of way, which is well marked.

Recently some folks took a flight to get a better view of the proposed route for a new pipeline terminating at Coos Bay. That’s certainly a worthy endeavor to get a better look at the farm and forest land involved. But an equally worthy endeavor would be to fly over the existing pipeline right of way to document the numerous impacts to the environment.

For those who are interested and more terrestrial-based, drive out west of Roseburg following the Wine Route. You can cross the existing pipeline several times and enjoy some refreshment along the way. Keep going east of Oakland and you can cross the pipeline in some open country. This will give the casual observer some sense of the issue.

But for those in a hurry traversing Douglas County on I-5, just remember, we already have a pipeline. Maybe another one will look the same.

Steve Truesdell


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