Mom works New Year’s Eve before giving birth next morning

January 3, 2019

Sarah Druliner was so sure her baby would not come early that she went to work on New Year’s Eve.

Brenna Sue Jo Gibbons had other ideas.

After labor pains began early Tuesday morning, Brenna was born to Druliner and Leland Gibbons shortly after 10 a.m. on New Year’s Day, making her the first baby of the new year born at CHI Mercy Medical Center’s Family Birthplace.

Since Brenna Sue Jo Gibbons wasn’t expected until next week at the earliest, Druliner worked New Year’s Eve at Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville.

“I worked until 12:30 in the morning, got home about 1:30 and napped until 3 a.m.,” she said. “And that’s when I woke up in pain and thought, ’I’ll take a shower and maybe that’ll loosen up the muscles ... but no,” she said.

Gibbons said he asked how far apart the contractions were.

“She said nine minutes, and I said, ‘Get in the car. We’re going.’”

The whole process went very smoothly for mom and baby, Druliner said.

“A lot smoother than I anticipated, because with the other child, I had to an have an emergency C-section so I didn’t go through the whole labor thing,” she said.

They got to the hospital around 4:30 a.m., and the baby was born just after 10 a.m.

It’s the couple’s second child. Older brother Gabriel is 2½ years old and slept through the whole thing, so he wasn’t real sure what was going on. But he knew something was up.

“Every time he’d play with my tummy, she’d kick him. He knew something was going on, but he was just not 100 percent sure what,” Druliner said.

Druliner plans to stay home with the baby for about three months before she heads back to work.

The family found out about Druliners pregnancy right after buying a house, which needed a lot of remodeling. They were thinking about planning for another baby when they got the big surprise.

“Apparently, I was already pregnant, so it was like, ‘Whoa, we need to start moving this along a little faster,’” Druliner said.

The parents found out the baby was a girl early on in the pregnancy, but Druliner was not totally convinced.

“We did the blood tests and it tells you the sex, but I still didn’t believe it until I got the ultrasound, and she was still a girl,” Druliner said. “Then when she was born the doctor said, ‘She’s still a girl,’ so we’re good.”

The couple’s first child was going to be named Brenna but turned out to be a boy. He became Gabriel, leaving the name Brenna for the new baby. Her two middle names, Sue and Jo, are in honor of her two grandmothers.

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