Big hunt for the little ones

April 14, 2019

HARLINGEN — “Ready, three, two, one…,” the DJ shouted into the microphone.

All the 4 and 5-year-olds dashed onto the field at the Harlingen Soccer Complex.

Many in the front of the pack passed up the Easter eggs at their feet and ran to the back of the field.

The kids who followed picked up the eggs that had been overlooked.

Organizers had given the kids 30 minutes to sweep the field. But in much less than 10 minutes, all the eggs were gone.

Hundreds of children delighted in the annual Community Easter Egg Hunt yesterday morning hosted by the Harlingen Parks and Recreation Department.

The soccer complex had been sectioned off according to age groups and an estimated 11,000 Easter eggs had been scattered across the entire area by volunteers.

The first group on the field was the 3-year-olds and under.

Some were in strollers and almost all of them were accompanied by parents — who were pointing out where the eggs were to be found.

Some parents carried babies and picked up Easter eggs for their little ones.