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A Closer Look at Hospital Bills With PM-HEAL-Med Overcharges, Bjt

September 17, 1993

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) _ Some examples of hospital errors cited by Karen Johnson, president of Little Rock-based Accu-Pay Inc. A reporter was shown portions of the printed bills, but the patients’ names and, in most cases, their ailments were not revealed.

-A woman who’d had a hysterectomy 18 years before was given and charged for a pregnancy test.

-A man admitted for testicular cancer surgery was given and charged for a pregnancy test.

-A woman was billed for 32 hours of oxygen in a 24-hour period.

-A hospital ordered a $7,100 lab test for a woman with kidney stones, but charged her for two such procedures.

-A man was assessed a total of $20,866 of erroneous charges, including $1,284 for 55 intravenous solutions he didn’t receive.

-A man’s hospital bill for $4,895 included a charge of $532.38 for ″unknown.″

-A man was charged $13,770 for 591 intravenous solutions over a 6-day hospital stay. He also was charged $15,423 for a listing on his bill labeled only ″pharmacy.″

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