Ro Khanna calls for Trump administration’s ‘basic transparency’ with tax returns, Mueller report

April 8, 2019

Rep. Ro Khanna said Monday Democrats are calling on the Trump administration for “basic transparency” after making moves to release President Trump’s tax returns and special counsel Robert Mueller’s full, unredacted report into election interference.

“Our party is just calling for two very simple things: we want him to release his taxes, like every president has going back to President Reagan, and we want the Mueller report to become public,” the California Democrat said on CNN’s “Newsroom.” “This is a call for basic transparency and I think most Americans will realize that’s fair.”

Mr. Khanna said releasing the Mueller report is more important because “there are serious concerns of interference in our election that every American should be concerned about.”

The representative also said lawmakers need to know why Attorney General William Barr chose to releasea four-pagesummary of the Mueller report when he testifies in front of Congress Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Why didn’t he just release Bob Mueller’s own summaries?” he said. “What is offensive is that Bill Barr, after two years of investigation, would think that he should be the final arbiterof what Mueller concluded

The House Judiciary Committee voted Wednesday to give Chairman Jerrold Nadler the power to subpoena Mr. Mueller’s full final report and all of his investigative materials. Mr. Barr said he would release the full report once adequate redactions were finished.

Stephen Dinan contributed to this story.