Roaming goat leads to man’s arrest, animals’ rescue

February 1, 2019

Hartford police charged a Bloomfield man and rescued more than two dozen animals after investigating a report of a goat chasing pedestrians, Thursday night.

The goat was wandering in the lower Blue Hills Avenue area, police said.

The animal was traced to Kenya Miller, 41, who was keeping goats, roosters and other birds in a “small confined area” at 31 Blue Hills Ave/, Hartford, police said.

Officers found 16 goats, eight roosters, a hen and two ducks living in filthy conditions, Asst. Chief Rafael Medina III said.

Many of the animals were malnourished or injured.

Miller was charged with 25 counts of animal cruelty.

Animal control officers and other agencies throughout the state helped to relocate the animals to a farm in western Connecticut, Medina said.

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