Tom Kress is the best man for the job

September 28, 2018

Being in business all of my life, I know that hiring skilled managers is paramount to the success of any organization. Managing Douglas County is not a position for one to learn on the job. Whoever we choose as our third commissioner must have the credentials going in.

We presently have two very hard-working commissioners. Thankfully they are both strong-willed, and they know what they are doing. I agree that Boice and Freeman may have ruffled a few feathers here and there, but these men are giving us all much more than we are paying them for. They both work ungodly hours. We need a third commissioner who will be just as skilled and who can carry their own weight on day one.

There are eight people running for the position. I believe five are veterans. If all things were equal, and it came down to one who was a veteran or not, I would vote for the veteran. But, that is not the case with those who are running for commissioner this time.

I have no reason to doubt that 25-year-old Alek Skarlatos is a very nice fellow. And that he gained a great deal of notoriety by serving in the military and helping to thwart terrorism in France. He apparently danced with the stars, and played a role in a movie. But, those things have nothing to do with managing Douglas County.

My choice is Tom Kress. Tom is a Roseburg native. He graduated from the University of Oregon as an accountant. He has been a businessman since the mid ’80s and is presently owner of Waldron Outdoor Sports. I have known Tom and his family for many years. I believe that Tom Kress is beyond any doubt the best man for the job. Please Vote For Tom Kress.

Bill Woods


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