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Artist’s Colorful House Draws Complaints

December 9, 1994

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) _ The purple and hot pink guest house was bad enough. But the 9-foot wall painted aqua, orange and yellow was the last straw.

Lisa Frank’s neighbors objected to the offbeat displays in their affluent, manicured subdivision and took her to court. City Magistrate George Anderson ruled Wednesday that the wall exceeded the city’s six-foot limit.

By afternoon, brick dust was flying and concrete was crumbling as workers knocked off the wall’s excess height, much to the satisfaction of neighbor Denise Rollings.

″It was like looking at a prison wall from my living room,″ she said.

Frank, an artist who runs a business that makes colorful school supplies, hasn’t commented about the dispute. But neighbor Brad Rollings - no kin to Denise Rollings - said as long as no safety problem were involved, people should have minded their own business.

″I find it somewhat reprehensible that someone can tell me what I can do with my property,″ he said. ″This is America, after all.″

There is some hope for America, Mr. Rollings - the guest house is still standing.

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