Kudlow’s association with reputed white nationalist questioned

August 22, 2018

Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser, is the latest White House affiliate to be associated with the publisher of a website that serves as a platform for white nationalism.

Kudlow, 71, hosted Peter Brimelow at his Redding home for his own birthday party a day after a White House speechwriter was dismissed for his own affiliations with Brimelow, according to a report from The Washington Post.

Kudlow, who has also reviewed Republican candidate for governor Bob Stefanowski’s ecnomic plan, did not immediately return a request for comment Wednesday. He told The Washington Post that although he has known Brimelow for more than four decades, he was unaware of Brimelow’s association with white nationalism, and had he been, “we would never have invited him.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has characterized Brimelow, who also lives in Connecticut, as a white nationalist, though he has rejected the label, instead referring to himself as “anti-immigration” and a “racial nationalist.” He is the founder of the anti-immigrant website Vdare.com, which regularly publishes works by white supremacists.

Brimelow took to Twitter to defend himself Wednesday, and said, “I’ve known Larry for nearly 40 years. I regard him as a personal friend. They knew my first wife, who died, and were most kind to Lydia when I remarried. We agreed to disagree on immigration long ago.”

Stefanowski declined to comment on Kudlow’s affiliation with Brimelow.

Stefanowski has previously stopped short of characterizing his relationship with Kudlow as friendship, but he has been in frequent contact with Kudlow, who has provided advice on his economic plan for the state.

Kudlow, a former Democrat, has publicly advocated for immigration reform and a path to legalization for undocumented workers.

The Trump administration has long been under fire for comments the president has made in regard to race and white nationalism. A year ago he said there was blame “on both sides” after a white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville turned violent, and last week — the same week he endorsed Stefanowski for governor — he was criticized for referring to his former top African American adviser a “dog.”

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