MEXICO CITY (AP) _ The Mexican government announced late Tuesday that it is suspending operations of Taesa, the airline whose DC-9 crashed two weeks ago, killing all 18 people on board.

Aaron Dychter Poltolarek, deputy transportation secretary, said at a news conference that investigators found a ``series of anomalies and incidents'' at the airline after the crash and decided to temporarily suspend its operations while it conducts a sweeping investigation.

That investigation will look into airline policies, maintenance, training and other areas, he said.

Taesa, which has long suffered from severe financial problems, came under scrutiny after the DC-9 crashed Nov. 9 in the western state of Michoacan. All 13 passengers and five crew members were killed. The cause is under investigation.

Last weekend, two of Taesa's planes were forced to turn around over the weekend because of mechanical problems.

Fired former flight attendants have claimed that Taesa planes _ including the one that crashed _ had a history of mechanical problems. Airline officials have denied any problems.

Taesa officials could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.