Lines out the door at DMVs in Wake County

August 10, 2018

Long lines reported at Cary DMV

Hundreds of are lining up to get their soon-to-be required REAL IDs. Beginning in 2020, North Carolina licenses are no longer valid forms of identification for a flight, to enter a federal building — like a courthouse — or to visit a military base.

North Carolina drivers are scrambling to try and get their REAL IDs, which have a gold star on the top right hand side. To issue a REAL ID, the DMV asks for drivers to provide:

For questions or additional documents for a REAL ID, go to the DMV’s website.

A REAL ID costs $13 if your license does not need to be renewed. If you wait until you need to renew your license, it will cost you the standard renewal fee.

The REAL ID act was passed in 2005, in response to the Sept 11., 2001 terrorist attacks.

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