What’s going on with sculpture outside Mayo Civic?

January 18, 2019

With the new transparency in government policy adopted, I am hoping to get some answers to questions I have about the sculpture in front of the Mayo Civic Auditorium. This sculpture was commissioned and paid for by the City of Rochester. It was installed over a year ago.

This sculpture was designed and publicly advertised as being “interactive,” with a kiosk and keyboard inside the convention center on which visitors could type, and via a microprocessor, outside on the sculpture, their typing would be turned into a display of lights and sounds. The concept sounded quite exciting. Trouble is, the sculpture is not and has not been interactive since it was first installed

“Why,” you might ask, as I did. “Sounds like the technology was stolen,” is the answer I finally received. “Stolen,” I repeat.

This is a serious matter of public interest and yet no one I have approached about this seems that concerned or interested. It took months for me to learn this much and there are questions begging answers:

When exactly did this theft take place and under what circumstances? Was a police report filed? Was an insurance claim made? What, exactly, was stolen?

The seeming secrecy and lack of accountability is very troubling. I think everyone who cares about public art would want to know the answers to these questions.

Patricia Allende de Jung, Rochester

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