WASHINGTON (AP) _ Washington Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley has been admitted to Georgetown University Hospital for what his wife said may be an alcohol- related illness.

Hospital officials confirmed Wednesday night that the 28-year-old NFL All- Pro had been admitted and was ''resting comfortably,'' but refused to comment on why he was hospitalized.

Manley's wife, Glinda, told reporters her husband's condition was not drug- related, but ''most likely'' was alcohol-related, according to a report in this morning's Washington Post.

''When he woke up, he just didn't look right,'' she told WRC-TV in Washington. ''He just wasn't himself and I got really alarmed about it and called the ambulance and had him taken in to be checked on.''

Redskins officials did not know why Manley was hospitalized.

''As far as we know, Dexter does not have a problem,'' said one team official who asked to remain anonymous. ''There have been a couple of incidents. Sometimes the guy just hasn't been too smart. With Dexter, you just don't know.''

Manley finished second in the National Football Conference with a total of 18 1/2 sacks last season and made the Pro Bowl for the first time.

He was admitted to Georgetown University Hospital last year for an alleged allergic reaction after he ate some shellfish.