TC Line: Student Backpacks

July 14, 2018

Student backpacks

I like the backpacks for the students. I was just curious if there (are) criteria for who receives these backpacks. I mean, is it for every student in a school? And where you pick these backpacks up? I think it’d be awesome if every student could have one, because even parents who work two jobs and may not qualify if it’s a qualifying program would really like to have the backpacks for their children also. I’m just asking. I’m curious.

Giving up children

What an absolutely demeaning, hard-hearted comment that was printed in (Friday) morning’s paper about suggesting — I mean suggesting even — that lower income mothers should give up their children as an alternative to not having an abortion. In anybody’s mind, if a woman is forced to give up her child, it’s just like having an abortion.

Chuck Waneka

Lafayette’s Chuck Waneka: Great story, Charlie Brennan, right on the front page. Chuck Waneka is indeed Lafayette’s legend. I have had the privilege of knowing Chuck. What a great man. ... Keep on harvesting, Chuck, as long as you can.

U.S. embarrassed

Well, once again Trump has embarrassed the whole United States with his behavior. Unfortunately the British baby Trump blimp was definitely a prediction of what his visit was going to be like.

Trump is trying

Our president is trying his hardest to do what is right and to make the right choices. He has other people to help them along this way. I think it’s shameful that we pick on our president. ... I never did see it happen with other former presidents, that we got out and protested what he was doing. I think he’s doing the best he can with what he’s got. So I think you’d better like it or leave it.

In his own mind

Health care you’re going to love. North Korea is no longer a threat. Trade wars are easy to win. NATO members have agreed to increase their military contributions beyond recommended 2 percent. Donald Trump the great, a legend in his own mind, folks. Oh, I almost forgot: There was no collusion with Russia either.

Very wrong

I don’t know which is worse: a president that continuously lies or a group of people that follow him like a band of sheep. One moment he’s insulting the prime minister of England, and the next minute he’s calling those same comments fake news. There’s just something very wrong with this picture.

Unfriendly country

If I had all the power that Trump is frantically trying to accumulate, I would take the Republican House people, strip them of all their privileges and drop them in the middle of Syria so they would have an idea of what is like to be dumped in an unfriendly country without any privileges. I don’t think you have any guts to publish this, but I had to say it anyway.

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