Climate change denial decimated by hurricanes: Darcy cartoon

October 12, 2018

Climate change denial decimated by hurricanes: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Many Floridians who didn’t evacuate ahead of Hurricane Michael said they would have had they known what they expected to be a category 2 storm would quickly churn into a nearly category 5.    After Michael devastated the panhandle, weeks after Florence did the same to the Carolinas, the only ones still staying put are climate change deniers. 

In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, one panhandle resident said it looked like an Atomic Bomb hit his city.    Mexico Beach was obliterated by the hurricane that hit with 155 mph winds.   Six people have died, and the death toll is expected to rise.   An estimated 1.5 million homes and businesses are without power in six states.

Scientists have linked climate change to stronger and more devastating hurricanes.  The equation is pretty simple.   Global warming=warmer water + rising sea levels=more powerful winds + greater rainfall=more horrendous hurricanes and floods.   Get prepared for it, because it’s the new norm, especially with the Climate Change Denier-in-Chief Donald Trump in power.

While Hurricanes Maria, Florence and Michael pound Americans, Hurricane Donald continues to spin on, destroying environmental regulations intended to curb and reverse climate change.

As people in the panhandle and six states surveyed Hurricane Michael’s  devastating damage to their homes and businesses, President Trump sat back in the Oval Office and let Hurricane Kanya West pound The Resolute Desk as he spewed curse words and crazy talk, disgracing the office.

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