Thumbs up, thumbs down for March 29

March 29, 2019

Thumbs Up: To Jordan Peele for several reasons. His new film in theaters right now, “Us,” is wonderfully deep and mind-bending, and it’s a beautiful sophomore follow-up to last year’s “Get Out.” Plus, he’s bringing “The Twilight Zone” back to the world soon, and I can’t stop watching the trailer. It looks like it’ll be a perfect balance of new material and hearkening back to the classics.

Thumbs Up: To Provo planning to expand their airport to a larger terminal; up to 22 commercial flights daily is a huge deal for the area! We love the cheap flights available and we’re all pretty sick of driving up to Salt Lake every time we need to fly somewhere.

Thumbs Down: To people whose mindsets are so politically black and white that they get offended and fuming whenever they see something that doesn’t perfectly line up with their hard-held opinions. It’s vital to our country for a wide range of opinions to be voiced in the public sphere.

Thumbs up: To BYU men’s basketball head coach Dave Rose, who provided years of success and some phenomenal memories. Thanks for everything, Coach!

Thumbs down: To the uncertainty now facing the BYU men’s basketball team, as questions abound about who will be in charge, who will stay and who will go. Change can be good but there is almost always a lot of turmoil too.

Thumbs up: To Johanna Jones and Ashley Hess for advancing to the Top 40 on “American Idol” and making Utah County proud.

Thumbs Up: To the Springville Museum of Art for its family-friendly “All Aboard!” exhibition celebrating 150 years since the first transcontinental railroad’s completion in Utah.

Thumbs UP: To the macarons from Fillings and Emulsions. They are delicious, and a decent size that makes you feel like you actually ate something substantial.

Thumbs DOWN: To the jerk who almost ran over my husband in the crosswalk after running a red light at the University Avenue and 300 North intersection.

Thumbs Down: To the Utah legislators who couldn’t decide on banning conversion therapy. It is not and never should be a way to fix something that isn’t broken. Shame on you.

Thumbs Up: To PEG development for bringing in the automated elevator parking system to Utah at their new Salt Lake City apartment complex development on 300 West. The elevator storage for cars is used in large cities throughout the country. With Utah’s growth we’ll need more than one.

Thumbs Down: To whiney Jazz players and fans whose feelings are hurt for the cheering for Jimmer Fredette during the game against the Suns on Monday night. Make up your mind. One week Jazz fans are too mean to opponents (which I agree with that one), and the next week, Jazz fans are too nice to opponents. When it comes to fans at sporting events, each person has their own reasons for going to Jazz games. Surprise, it’s not always to kiss the butts of Joe Ingles and Rudy Gobert. Maybe the Jazz should ask patrons why they are going to the game when they hand over their ticket, if they have Jimmermania, ban them from the arena. Then the players will be able to play in peace.