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Summit by the Numbers

June 2, 2003

Figures from the Group of Eight summit being held in Evian, France:

G-8 _ Stands for Group of Eight. Members are the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Russia and Canada.

0 _ Number of times President Bush and France’s president, Jacques Chirac, met this year prior to the summit.

3 _ Number of books Bush gave Chirac at Evian, in what the French president’s office described as a ``gesture of friendship.″

50 _ Rough percentage of world’s wealth held by G-8 nations, according to French organizers.

70-80 _ Percentage of world’s population represented at Evian by expanding summit to include leaders from developing nations, including Africa.

3,000 _ Number of journalists accredited to cover Evian summit.

15,000 _ Number of police and soldiers France deployed in and around Evian to provide security.

8,500 _ Number of people with AIDS who die each day, according to the non-governmental Health Gap coalition.

More than 300 million _ Number of Africans who live on less than $1 a day, according to aid group Oxfam.

1 billion _ Amount of U.S. dollars the European Union plans to set aside to match Bush’s $15 billion AIDS package.

50 billion _ Amount of U.S. dollars United Nations leader Kofi Annan said is needed each year to fulfill poverty-reduction goals.

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