Senator Fischer anxious to get Farm Bill complete now that trade agreement reached

October 7, 2018

LINCOLN - The new trade deal with Mexico and Canada that replaces NAFTA is getting thumbs up from Senator Deb Fischer. She says, “What I am hearing from producers and from ag associations around the state, people are happy about it. To be able to have those markets in Canada and Mexico open again.”Fischer says the ability to have a trade agreement now with the two countries will benefit dairy and may benefit wheat. She says it will re-open those markets and hopefully the U.S. will be able to develop some new ones.However, there is still more work to be done. Fischer says Congress still has to agree on a new Farm Bill. She says, “It all ties in as well in that certainty in getting a Farm Bill passed. Make sure we have crop insurance for a safety net. To make sure we have some trade program within the Farm Bill as well to be able to get those out there and develop more markets.” Programs in the current Farm Bill will continue, for the most part, through the end of the year.The new USMCA agreement will still need to be ratified by all three governments. There is word that Congress may not consider any new agreements or deals until after the midterm election next month. The outcome of that election may determine the future of the deal.

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