Tom Crager: Why Biasiucci is my choice for LD5

August 3, 2018


Reflecting back to the last elections for Legislative District 5, it took me less than 24 hours to realize the mistake I made voting for Paul Mosley. Subsequently his financial ethics were again on display as he departed yet another brokerage. In addition, the arrogance and bragging to a deputy sheriff about driving up to 140 miles per hour on Interstate 10 further demonstrated to me we could do much better in choosing our representative for our rural counties. A man I know, Leo Biasiucci, whose donation history reflects local support, will be my choice for our new representative. As a conservative choice, he is smart, knows the issues and will be a team player where appropriate in supporting our issues here in Lake Havasu.

Also, to conclude, Leo, unlike Mr. Mosley, has made himself available during our many Meet and Greets and question and answer sessions. No “prior commitments”.

Tom Crager

Lake Havasu City

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