Orchids and Onions: Saturday, January 19, 2019

January 20, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the Havasu police officer who randomly stopped to help the workers, who were having trouble with traffic control, at the intersection of McCulloch and Lake Havasu Avenue last week!

Orchids to the company that knows all about fencing for building a beautiful fence for us! They accommodated our needs; have a friendly, hard-working crew and the fence looks exactly as we imagined it would!

Orchids to educated people that have not fallen for the dupe.

Orchids to Legendz for a great time while we watched the Bison game…very good food and excellent service…

Onions once again to the USPS. I receive my medications through the mail. Too bad they go to an address on Challenger, not my Highlander address. We also get all of our neighbor’s mail. Have tried calling the USPS but can never get through. Am desperate. Don’t our mail carriers know how to read? This is not a onetime problem.

Orchids to Jill at the American Legion for all she does for the vets! She goes over and above for all the vets and their families! We appreciate all the hours of hard work and dedication she spends for our vets! We love you! Keep up the good work! Thanks again!

Onions to drivers who drive too close to the left line or riding on the left line, are your eyes that bad? Do you need glasses? No depth perception? Please drive in the center of the lane…and when parking, please park in the center of the space and not on the lines. WP

Orchids to Van Rooy Plumbing and Custom counters for prompt repair for a leak. They came same day to fix leak and repair cabinet.

Orchids to the front desk employee at the doctor’s office who listens and does her best to coordinate with another doctor’s office and the insurance company.

Orchids to Dr. C. Ruiz, his D.A., and friendly productively efficient staff. Totally painless experience on a complicated extraction. I could not be more pleased. Joe Bernhardt

Orchids to Augstine the pharmacist at Bashas’ United Drug Pharmacy. He checked how we could obtain the blood pressure medicine to take in place of recalled medication and insurance refused to pay for it. Thanks.

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