Recycling bins being readied for Lawrence

January 3, 2019
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Robert Plybon, of Proctorville, Ohio, recycles his cardboard scrap in front of FoodFair as recycling bins for Lawrence and Scioto County residents are put back in service on Saturday.

IRONTON — After an absence of about two months, 30 recycling containers have distributed around Lawrence County in preparation for recycling services being back online, which was anticipated to happen on Wednesday, Jan. 2.

Republic Services stopped providing recycling services in Lawrence and Scioto counties at the end of October, saying it was losing money providing the service to the Lawrence Scioto Solid Waste District.

The solid waste district signed a new contract with Rumpke for recycling service, but the number of recycling sites was reduced from 38 to 30 — 17 in Lawrence County and 21 in Scioto County, according to Dan Palmer, executive director of the solid waste district.

The number of sites had to be reduced due to the higher costs of recycling, Palmer said earlier. The number of recycling bins in the district also was reduced from 94 to 76.

Property owners in the two counties are paying $16 per year on their tax bills to pay for the recycling service. The sites accept paper, aluminum cans, steel cans and plastic bottles.

Under the new contract, the 10 recycling bins at the Sam’s and Walmart parking lot in Burlington won’t be put back in service this week. A number of Huntington area residents were crossing the Ohio River to use the recycling bins due to the costs of recycling in Huntington, Palmer said earlier.

Solid waste district officials were in the Burlington area nearly every day keeping the site cleaned up, Palmer said. That kept district officials from cleaning up trash along county roads in Lawrence and Scioto counties.

A new container site will be added at the Burlington-Fayette Township Fire Department to serve Burlington area residents, Palmer said. “We will have cameras at the site” to prosecute abusers of the recycling service, he said.

The district also is eliminating recycling bins at Ironton Middle School and at a site in the Chesapeake school district, he said.

Rumpke submitted the only bid for recycling services in 2019, but it was about $200,000 higher than the solid waste district was paying.

Palmer negotiated with Rumpke to get the costs down to about $100,000 more than the prior contract.

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