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Tip to be fit: Knowing the dangers of tossing back one too many drinks

Vince FaustMay 21, 2019

Everyday we get a new study on what drinking alcohol does to our body. One day it’s OK. The next week it’s not. What’s normal? What’s too much? Does age play a part? What does it do to our brain?

We are born with about 100 billion brain cells. From birth to our early 20s, our brains mass triples. This is due to new connections we create between brain cells each time we learn something new. Once you pass your early 20s, you could lose up to 100,000 brain cells everyday for the rest of our life.

If you drink alcohol, you will lose even more. A heavy drinker will lose up to 60,000 more brain cells a day. A heavy drinker is described as person that drinks more than two alcoholic drinks a day.

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