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On the Lite Side

September 29, 1986

FARGO, N.D. (AP) _ Gary Hornbacher didn’t have to advertise the fact that he was going to propose to his girlfirend - but he did anyway.

Hornbacher, 23, of Omaha, Neb., made his proposal Saturday to Julie Johnson of Fargo near a large billboard, which read, ″Julie: Will You Marry Me? Love, Gary.″

Hornbacher said he chose the method because she already knew he was going to pop the question this weekend ″so I had to do something special.″

Ms. Johnson, 20, accepted the proposal and said it did not matter how Hornbacher had proposed.

″We agreed that she would say, ’Yes,‴ Hornbacher said.

The couple have planned a May 30 wedding in Kindred.


DALLAS (AP) - The Ralph Kramden look wouldn’t have won any awards, but the new bus drivers’ uniforms are up for a national best-dressed award.

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit uniform - navy blue wool-blend slacks and jacket, light blue epaulet shirt, DART logo tie, dark overcoat and cardigan sweater - is a candidate for an award from the National Association of Uniform Manufacturers & Distributors.

The snappy design was adopted in 1984 to get rid of the Kramden look, said DART maketing director John Gobis, referring to the character played by Jackie Gleason in ″The Honeymooners″ television series.

The new uniform, given to drivers in March after an 18-month makeover, is competing with entries from 50 other regional transportation agencies. The winner will be announced in February.


LINCOLN CITY, Ore. (AP) - City officials have declared their wind-swept coastal town the world’s kite capital.

″The only thing you need to do to be in the Kite Capital of the World is to say you are,″ said Kip Ward, interim director of the Chamber of Commerce, challenging anybody to come forward with a city better suited for wind-borne decorations.

″We have absolutely unique wind conditions that are found only here.″

A City Council proclamation making the declaration was read Saturday by Mayor Alice Sim at the city’s Ninth Annual International Kite Festival.

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