Host a French teen for 20 days in July

April 9, 2019

Twenty five English-speaking French teens have signed up to the Atlanta area from July 9-29, but host families are still needed to provide them a place to stay.

According to retired French teacher Linda Farmer, “each student needs an American host family who will provide room and board (host families are compensated), hospitality, and friendship. The sponsoring organization hopes that an American family will incorporate the French teen into the family’s summertime activities: trips to the pool, lake, backyard barbecues, local sporting events, neighborhood get-togethers, etc.”

The teens from Paris to Provence want to experience American life first-hand and they are fully insured, come with ample spending money for all expenses outside of the home and speak English, Farmer said. Also, French students can be taken out of town if the host family has travel plans they would like to include their French guest in.

Farmer, along with a French chaperone, will oversee the program sponsored by Paris-based Loisirs Culturels à l’étranger (LEC). For more information, contact Farmer at lgfarmer@aol.com or call 770-973-2452. Also, visit http://sejour-linguistique-lec.fr and Facebook: “Host a French teen from July 9-29”