Is Your Water Really Safe?

September 19, 2018

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 19, 2018--When you turn on the tap to fill a glass with water, do you ever wonder if the water you are drinking is safe? What is your plan if your tap water suddenly becomes contaminated and undrinkable? If a storm is headed your way and bottled water is unavailable, what will you do? During and after a hurricane or flood, access to clean drinking water can quickly become a major concern. Flood waters can result in raw sewage, storm runoff, chemicals and other contaminants all leaking into water supplies and flooding private wells.

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Nautilus Countertop Water Distiller, #W10120N (Photo: Business Wire)

With a Nautilus ® water distiller, you, your family and your pets will always have the option for clean water! In fact, you can take any source of water – even puddles or contaminated rivers, lakes, oceans or rain water – and within hours distill the water into clean, pure, drinkable water. All you need is a traditional power source or generator.

So why a water distiller and not a filter? The main difference between a water filter and a Nautilus water distiller is the level of protection provided. A water filtration system is designed to reduce or remove waterborne bacteria, but not viruses. A water purifier is designed to combat all three types of contaminants: viruses, bacteria, and protozoan cysts.

Why not boil? You can boil, however, boiling water or chlorinating water will not remove contaminants such as heavy metals, salts, and most other chemicals. A major problem with boiling water is finding a heating source that has not been damaged, a power source and capacity. You will also need a safe way to store the water while it cools.

Myth: Tap Water Is Clean Water.

While our tap water is regulated by the government, contaminates ARE allowed in the water (within legal limits)—meaning water that comes from faucets in our homes have some levels of “acceptable” pollutants. It’s not clean water. The EPA’s 2006 efforts to put stricter standards on arsenic (a known carcinogen) and changing it from 50 parts per billion within limit to 10 parts per billion within limit—is not zero! And even more concerning, many areas have exceeded the 10 parts per billion limit over the years.

Myth: Bottled Water Is Better.

Did you know that many bottled waters start out as municipal tap water? Or that the federal government requires more testing for tap water than it does for bottled water? Studies show that some bottled waters have been found to contain contaminants that poison our bodies including antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, chlamydia, radium, lead, arsenics and other unwanted elements. In the U.S. alone, there have been over 100 incidents of bottled water contamination leading to recalls, 1/3 of which have never been made public. Additionally, bottled water costs average about $4 per gallon (compared to $0.004 a gallon for tap water) and the plastic creates tons of waste.

Fact: Nautilus ® Distillation Creates Pure, Clean Water.

“Distilled water is one of the purest forms of H2O available,” says Meagan Bradley, VP of Nautilus. The Nautilus distillation technology effectively removes bacteria, parasites, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, viruses and a whole list of synthetic chemicals and industrial pollutants. “Regardless of what is found in your water, Nautilus distillers use patented purification technology to remove the issue, turning contaminated water into pure H20,” she adds.

Additional benefits of using Nautilus distilled water include: clearer ice cubes, better tasting coffee and tea, enhanced flavor of fresh juice, smoothies, soups and vegetables; and it’s ideal for all infant care, brushing teeth, pet drinking water, steam irons, humidifiers and vaporizers, car batteries, watering and spraying plants (no spotting) and low sodium diets and sensitive stomachs.

Nautilus products are Made in the USA. Distill rates range from six to nine gallons every 24 hours. To learn more about clean water and Nautilus ® products, visit water123.com or call 800.875.4254. Nautilus ® is headquartered in Sacramento, CA.

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