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Exchange of Fire at the Border

March 5, 1993

KUWAIT (AP) _ Kuwait and Iraqi border police exchanged gunfire near the border post at Abdali this week, a newspaper reported today.

The daily Al-Anba said the firing started from the Iraqi side Wednesday night, when what appeared to be tracer bullets flew around the Abdali police station.

The Kuwaitis returned fire and the shooting stopped.

Firing started again early Thursday, this time in the direction of a Kuwaiti farm.

Nobody was injured in the shootings, the newspaper said.

Abdel-Latif Khabbaj, spokesman for the U.N. Iraq Kuwait Observer Mission that monitors the border, could not immediately confirm the incident.

It was the first incident reported since January, when Iraqi troops crossed the border to reclaim equipment left behind after the Feb. 1991 cease-fire.

The United States sent 1,100 troops from Fort Hood, Texas, to shore up Kuwait’s defenses.

The U.N. demarcated a new border slightly north of the current line. Iraq has refused to recognize the change.

Kuwaiti farms along the border are frequent targets of Iraqis who come over to steal money, electronic equipment and vehicles.

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