Richard E. Farmer: Confederate group should have been allowed to march in Kingman parade

November 13, 2018


I am writing in regards to the City of Kingman’s decision to exclude the Confederate Krusaders from the Andy Devine Days parade.

I called the city to protest its decision and to tell them that I would not participate in the parade as I felt the decision was unfounded.

I saw no reason to assume the display by the Confederate Krusaders was in any way evil or disparaging.

I have participated in the Andy Devine Days parade many times, but not last year or this year because of the Krusaders’ exclusion.

This is history. You can’t change history to suit some narrow-minded people. I called the city to express my feelings, and the woman who answered told me more people would participate or attend now that the ruling was made.

I doubt that Andy himself would approve.

Harry Truman said if you don’t study your history, you are doomed to repeat it.

Richard E. Farmer


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