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Surprise! Mom Expects Baby No. 6

November 29, 1997

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ After having quintuplets with the help of fertility treatments, Marcella Quezada didn’t think she would get pregnant again.


With the quints now 2 years old, Marcella and Ramon Quezada are awaiting baby No. 6, due Dec. 16.

``It’s hard enough with five,″ said Mrs. Quezada, 28.

Samantha, already named, won’t have hand-me-downs from her three older sisters, though. Requiring fertility drugs once, Mrs. Quezada didn’t think she could have children without them and gave her daughters’ baby clothes away.

``I had thought about maybe having another one when they were older. I wanted it to be like you see on TV and commercials, where the mother is taking her time with the baby in the bath or something,″ she said.

``There’s no way it’ll be like that now. It’ll always be rush, rush, rush.″

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