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Events in the Soviet Union With PM-Summit Rdp, Bjt

June 4, 1990

MOSCOW (AP) _ Latest developments in the Soviet Union:


POLITICS - The Supreme Soviet legislature was to hear a report on President Mikhail S. Gorbachev’s visit to the United States. The Congress of People’s Deputies of the Russian republic, chaired by renegade Communist Boris N. Yeltsin, also meets and is to select a vice president and first vice president.


SUMMIT COVERAGE - From live coverage of the Washington summit to close-up reports showing the Soviet first lady kissing American children, Soviet television carries hours of reports about Gorbachev’s high-profile trip. There have been special broadcasts, interrupting regular programming, of Gorbachev’s activities and a regular summit feature called ″American Diary,″ including light reports about life in the United States.


HUMAN RIGHTS - The International Helsinki Federation, a group that monitors compliance with the Helsinki Accords, ends two days of hearings on Soviet human rights in a test of whether the Soviet Union will tolerate greater public discussion of its past record of abuses.


EMIGRATION - Soviet refuseniks are indignant over Gorbachev’s warning that he might reduce the number of Jews allowed to emigrate if Israel continues to settle them in occupied territories.

″It is a human right to be able to emigrate,″ says Leonid Stonov, a spokesman for Soviet Jews.

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