Births 8/20/2018

August 20, 2018


BANASHEFSKI: A son, Aug. 11, to John Banashefski and Amy Turriziani, Kingston.

BRAZEN: A daughter, June 15, to Mark Brazen and Cathy Por­on­sky Jr., Archbald.

CALLEJAS: A son, Aug. 14, to Timothy and Marisa Steinas Callejas, Archbald.

CAMPBELL: A son, Aug. 15, to Paul and Sandra Berrio Camp­bell, Scranton.

COMISKEY: A son, Aug. 10, to Michael Schwartz and Shannon Comiskey, Scranton.

DYSON: A son, Aug. 14, to Peter and Amy Hughes Dyson, Moscow.

FRENCH: A daughter, Aug. 14, to Ryan and Stephanie McLain French, Waymart.

GOLDYN: A daughter, Aug. 12, to Christopher and Stephanie Sikorski Goldyn, Archbald.

HARRISON: A daughter, Aug. 14, to Paul Harrison and Bri­anna Cornell, Taylor.

HENDERSON: A son, Aug. 9, to Harry Jr. and Tabitha Koller Henderson, Scott Twp.

HILLER: A son, Aug. 1, to Neil Hiller Jr. and Pamela Rillstone, Dickson City.

MADRIGAL: A son, Aug. 12, to Juan Madrigal and Whitney Cooper, Scranton.

MARBAKER: A daughter, Aug. 10, to Chad and Meggan Ambrose Marbaker, Pittston.

MARINO: A son, Aug. 13, to Nicholas and Amy Sepkowski Marino, Scranton.

PESEK: A son, Aug. 11, to Kyle Pesek and Ashley Klug, Simpson.

PORTICE: A daughter, Aug. 11, to Brandon Portice and Michelle Budzilowicz, Honesdale.

PRICE: A daughter, Aug. 11, to Jack and Jennifer Summa Price, Scranton.

REAGAN: A son, Aug. 9, to Laurance and Ellen Fallon Reagan, Clarks Summit.

ROGAN: A daughter, Aug. 15, to Partick and Amanda Rogan, Scranton.

RUDE: A daughter, Aug. 14, to James and Patricia Pliss Rude, Madison Twp.

RYZNER: A daughter, Aug. 9, to Robert Jr. and Jessica Gigliotti Ryzner, Exeter.

TIMMS: A daughter, Aug. 10, to Jason Timms and Clarissa Guarino, Carbondale.

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