Students must feel safe in schools -- Thom Evans

October 3, 2018

I was saddened by news about the shootings in the proximity of La Follette High School.

In two separate incidents near the school, three young people were injured by gunfire -- two apparently by an accidental shooting on a bus, and the third during a suspected fight in which an adult wounded a La Follette High School student. District and La Follette staff responded quickly, and after the latter incident began to screen students with a metal detector wand prior to entering the school. This, however, was only temporary.

I’m concerned about the breadth of the solution as well as the light cast on La Follette as a school. We live in a unique country and state that make ownership of guns easy and prevalent. This type of incident could happen in or near any school -- and has. Let’s look at solutions that make schools a safe sanctuary for our children.

Single, supervised entries to schools are a first step already in place. And more substantial metal detectors, such as those used in some Milwaukee schools, may be the next step. Finally, as you vote this fall, choose candidates who will seriously address this issue.

Thom Evans, Monona

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