Lucky Leo chose the right parking lot: Send us your pet rescue stories

November 8, 2018

Lucky Leo chose the right parking lot: Send us your pet rescue stories

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio -- My parents were living in Bay Village at the time. My mother had gone to Elyria Country Club to play golf and saw a dog in the parking lot when she arrived. When she was leaving, she saw that same dog, still in the parking lot.

There were several houses in the area, so she thought that maybe the small dog was lost but would find its way home. She headed on back to our house. When my father came home from work, they headed back to the country club for dinner.

That same dog was still in the parking lot. After dinner, the dog was still there. My parents carried the dog into the country club to see if anyone recognized it or knew where it belonged. No one knew anything.

So they took the dog home – just for the night. And the rest is history.

That dog, whom they named Leo, was treated better than anyone in the family: special food, rides to Huntington Park to romp.

A few years later, my parents – and Leo -- moved to Avon Lake. Leo loved his home there. But a few years after that, my parents decided to retire to Arizona. The dog would have loved yet another new home, but my parents couldn’t take him with them to their new life, as they were getting older.

So Leo moved into my brother’s home, where he quickly adapted to his new humans and a new feline playmate. And there he lived out the last 14 years of his lucky life.

Michael Nakel,

Rocky River

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