Letters To The Editor 9/8/2018

September 8, 2018

Mesmerizing beauty

Editor: Caught up in the stress of life and always being in a hurry, I was driving along Viewmont Drive in Dickson City and the most striking visual took my breath away, giving me a sense of calm.

There, in exceptional size, waving in glory and freedom, was the flag of our United States. Stopping to take in this mesmerizing beauty can provide appreciation for the sacrifice that allows for it to be flying so eloquently in the sky above. The American flag reminds us to practice what it represents to our country — dignity, integrity, equality and unity.

We, as a country, seem to have lost touch with these values and our consideration for mankind. While perfection cannot be expected, we need to recapture morality in society.

It is astonishing how this magnificent flag’s most silent silhouette against the peaceful skies can be the loudest reminder of what we must strive to be. Everyone should allow this stunning sight on their commutes to set the tone for their days ahead.




Return to chastity

Editor: The Catholic Church has always taught the virtue of chastity.

Pope Paul VI wrote Humanae Vitae and Pope St. John Paul II taught the Theology of the Body. Both of these teachings point us to the proper place of sex in our lives and what sex is all about.

The long list of clergy and their crimes filled pages of The Times-Tribune recently. These acts are all perversions of what sex is supposed to be, as taught by the church. Despite the fact that these activities occur many times more in public institutions, the strong reaction from lay faithful comes from the fact that the perpetrators were churchmen who were supposed to be teaching and modeling the virtue of chastity. Unfortunately, these teachings have been opposed, ignored and openly flouted by some very outspoken members of the church.

The number of unfaithful clergy is estimated at about 4 percent, or maybe less. Since 2002 the number of abusers among the clergy are believed to have enormously decreased. Pope Benedict had pushed for zero tolerance — immediate removal — which has been the rule since 2002. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro might do well to work on applying the zero-tolerance rule in public schools, since he has been talking so much about his concern for children.

It is important that what the church has been teaching on chastity needs to be discussed more, listened to, embraced and promoted more by everyone who abhors sexual perversions, for the good of society, for the good of children and vulnerable adults. Be not afraid. If we really long for what is good, we have to work toward it no matter how difficult.



Support priests

Editor: The scandalous reports about the trusted Roman Catholic priests and their sexual abuse are horrifying. It might make some Catholics give up their faith and leave the church.

However, that will never happen to me. I think about all the good, faithful priests who have served their parishes. Now, more than ever, those priests need our prayers, especially the beautiful prayers in the rosary.

Father Patrick Peyton said, “The family that prays together, stays together.” We are a parish family. Thank God for the faithful priests we still have. Support them.




Airport off course

Editor: The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport has limited routes and an apparent inability to maintain or keep good direct flights.

A recent loss was a nonstop round trip route to the Clearwater-St. Petersburg airport in Florida. It was offered for several years on a twice-weekly basis by Allegiant Airlines. Honestly, I never saw a plane that was not full or nearly full to capacity on this route.

After those Florida flights were canceled out of Avoca, people must drive to Allentown to get a flight directly to Clearwater. Our Avoca airport is truly a beautiful and modern facility. Numerous local residents are unaware of how nice it really is. The federal government spent much money building our new airport using all types of beautiful natural stone in the walls and including many desirable accessory features. Still, many residents travel to other airports such as Allentown, Binghamton, New York, and even New York City to access various airlines. In fact, Allegiant Airlines has direct flights to and from St. Petersburg into airports all around the new Avoca airport.

What is wrong with the airport management? Why can’t administrators there hang onto routes like this Allegiant-Florida route? Why can’t we get more direct-to-popular destination routes since we now have such a first-class terminal? There is concern that the airport management is deficient and may be the cause of these problems.

We recently traveled up from Florida and rented a car in Allentown to complete our trip to Wilkes-Barre. It’s apparent that numerous Northeast Pennsylvania residents use Allentown instead of Avoca and this makes no practical sense. Avoca is a superior facility and it’s difficult to understand why local people would waste the time or gasoline to travel elsewhere for flights.




Forest of mirrors

Editor: You have to love Richard J. Yost for his unflinching crusade, even considering that it is akin to Catholic knights sacking the ancient Christian city of Constantinople during the Crusades.

“Scranton Come Forth!” he cries out in his new book, an effort to finish what he started in his laughable 2014 manifesto, “Watching Politics from the Cheap Seats: The Story of the NEPA Freedom Writers.”

It is true that Yost is a straight arrow and a perfect example nepotism. If you have read more then one of his letters to The Times-Tribune, you may have reached a conclusion that he has an uncle working for the newspaper or at the very least a cousin. Why else would the newspaper keep printing his repetitive rants?

Starting with a false premise always leads to a false conclusion. Yost lives in a forest of mirrors reflecting left-wing dogma, some of which is of his own creation. So, to foster his cause, he quotes himself and tells us he has strong negative feelings for: tea party Republicans, President Donald Trump and Dunmore businessman Louis DeNaples.

Some may think that with all the knowledge Yost seems to have acquired he would be wise but who is to say what wise is?

Of course, some may disagree, especially those who stay in the shallow end of the pool and don’t stray too far from the liberal groupthink employed by his gang of self-proclaimed Freedom Writers.



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