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AM-Prep: Kickers

November 15, 2018


SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — A woman may end up a convict over a condiment. Police in Santa Ana, California are trying to find a woman who wanted ketchup in the worst way — and went about getting some in the worst way. Police say the woman, who was in the drive-thru lane, entered the restaurant through the employee door and asked for ketchup. When the manager told the intruder she wasn’t allowed inside, video released by police shows the woman attacking the manger. Other employees tried to pry the woman off before a man — who police believe was with the ketchup hunter — entered the Mickey D’s and restrained the woman, after which they both left.


BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — It’s said honesty is its own reward. But a Romanian man did receive a monetary reward for returning the $107,000 he found inside a secondhand cupboard he bought. Adela Stanici says her husband, a construction worker, bought the cupboard from a popular online site. Days later, he looked inside and found a metal box stuffed with 500 euro notes. Stanici says they wanted to to return the money — so they went to find the owner. Turns out the owner had no clue about the treasure hidden inside. The man’s wife says the honest buyers were rewarded for their honesty — but didn’t say how much they were given.


NORTH ADAMS, Mass. (AP) — Officials at a utility company in Massachusetts are bringing out the big gun — literally — to scare away hundreds of crows that hang out near an electrical substation of National Grid, located in North Adams. The gun — is a propane-powered air cannon that — instead of firing projectiles — will blast sound. It’s hoped the noise will scare the crows away. To make sure people aren’t scared away too, officials have warned residents about what’s going down. In case you’re wondering why the crows are such a concern, the utility says they can cause power outages if they land in the wrong spot — and their droppings are corrosive.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II

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