The 2018 Ram 2500 is a very strong truck

September 16, 2018

We always find it hard to have a bad week when a truck arrives at our home, especially one that is as large as the Ram 2500 with a Crew Cab. The 2500 is the perfect truck for those who want to pull larger trailers that need the extra power, but still want a seemingly smaller truck for an everyday driver.

Our test ride came with a long box which made it harder to find a parking place and maneuver in tight spaces, but would also allow for a full 4x8 space of payload in the bed. We would opt for a shorter box so the truck would fit better in the garage. But for those who need the space in the cargo box, it is the perfect fit.

Pulling a fifth wheel would be no problem as the 2500 came complete with all the necessary hardware for adding the hitch in the bed. It proved to be quite capable in pulling our trailers, even one that weighed over 9000 pounds, with ease. With these seemingly smaller loads it was hard to even tell we had a trailer attached with the power during acceleration reaming basically the same.

With the addition of the 6.7-liter diesel engine the Ram will pull up to 17,980 pounds along with holding up to 2,945 pounds of payload. That makes for a lot of room for stuff and an ability to pull about anything we could imagine to go with that stuff.

Be ready for a bit of sticker shock if a Diesel is part of the package that you need, as it adds an additional $8,700 to the price of the truck! For those who pull day in and day out or have a huge camping rig, this is the perfect fit, but for those who only need the power of the 2500 on occasion, the gas engine might work better.

Case in point: my partner Mike has had a Ram 2500 long box with a gas engine for the past couple of years and uses it very heavily in the summertime. He has added a toolbox in the back that allows him to keep many tools and other necessities inside, and there is still plenty of room for other gear. He always seems to have whatever is needed in his truck to get the job done. Yet the truck still has the ability to pull everything he needs it to all summer long.

While we are on trailering with the Ram, the new Chrysler Uconnect system with the larger 8.4-inch touchscreen high definition screen is a huge help when putting a trailer on the truck — especially in the afternoon when the sun can be low in the sky coming in through the front windshield or hitting the camera on the tailgate. With the high-definition system, none of that matters and vision continues to be great. In our 2016 Ram without the hi-def screen it goes all fuzzy in the sun, so our hats are off to Chrysler for adding this to all their new vehicles.

Since the Longhorn trim is the starting point for the limited edition, driving this new 2500 was really more like taking a ride in a luxury car. The folks at Ram have loaded up the truck with all creature comforts that we could have thought of or even imagined on the truck!

The Longhorn trim comes standard with some great options not the least of which would be keyless entry to the truck along with a remote start system that would be a necessity on the cold winter mornings here in Utah. We have always loved having remote start on our vehicles so it’s easy to get them ready to leave in the morning.

With the limited trim a keyless start is also part of the package. This allows the driver to keep the keys in the pocket or purse, which is so much easier. We are super excited to see this feature finally make its way into trucks as it has become almost standard in the car world. Must have been some kind of truck thing for guys, as a Toyota Tundra still requires a key in the ignition at all trim levels.

A park assist system both front and rear is also standard on the Longhorn trim. We highly recommend this for a truck of this size as it really helps to park in tight situations along with not going to far into the garage.

The limited trim also added heated rear seats, so everyone in the truck will be comfortable in the winter, along with a heated steering wheel and rain sensing windshield wipers. There are also all kinds of additional chrome pieces that adorn the exterior of the limited editions of the truck.

The seats are also now made with leather, and the front row is ventilated for those warm summer days. Automatic high beam headlamps are also a standard feature, along with wheel to wheel side steps that making getting in and out of the truck much easier, along with an easy access to the front of the truck bed.

There were also a couple of other great additions to our test ride, the first being a cargo lamp that included a camera for viewing into the bed of the truck, an absolute necessity for hooking up a fifth wheel trailer! The $1,575 additional expense in the air suspension was also helpful when pulling as it would auto level the truck after putting a load on it, something we wish out current truck had.

For an everyday driver the 2500 long bed is quite a lot to drive around in, but hey, in our test truck it was so comfortable it really didn’t matter until we had to find a place to park at the grocery store.

However for those that need a large truck, the luxury can’t be beat, and why not enjoy the day no matter where it is going to take you? The Ram is a great choice for a new truck and is ready to handle just about any challenge.

See the 2018 version of the Ram 2500 at any of these great dealers: Doug Smith Ram, 523 W. Main St., American Fork, 801-492-0100; Larry H. Miller Ram, 1825 University Parkway, Provo, 801-356-4100; or Doug Smith Ram in Spanish Fork 1339 N. Main St., 801 798-7431.

Base Price: $57,895

Price as Driven: $76,400

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