Taillard believes in evidence-based policymaking

October 3, 2018

Michael Taillard is aiming to take a very different approach to politics and policy should he be elected as the next Michigan State Senator for the 35th district.

Taillard, a Democrat from Beulah, is running for the open seat in the district against Republican Curt Vanderwall of Ludington and Libertarian Timothy Coon of Rose City. Darwin Booher, R-Evart, cannot run again because of term limits.

Taillard believes in evidence-based policymaking, and that’s something that he believes is lacking in the political classes.

“With politicians, they were cherry-picking a lot of the information available and then acting surprised when the policies weren’t working the way they expected.

That’s problematic,” he said. “I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing in that respect where I’m going to cut out the middle man and treat the people of Michigan as I would a client: listen to their needs and try to accomplish what they want for Michigan by using the evidence as it is rather than what we want it to be.”

He has two goals if he were elected, being far more open with information is critical for everyone in government.

And, he believes there needs to be a level playing field in terms of conflict of interest for those in and out of office.

“It was no more clearer to me than when I was in the Army that government employees were restricted to a different set of conflict of interest laws than elected officials,” he said. “It’s two different frameworks with what you are allowed to get away with.”

Taillard said many of the issues voters are worried about are interconnected. Issues with education are connected with an aging population and daycare. Issues with health care and auto insurance are connected.

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