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Celebrity Fashion Mistatements Mark Emmys With AM-Emmys, Bjt

September 18, 1989

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) _ Television stars who usually shine at night came out for Sunday’s annual Emmy Awards extravaganza in their glitziest garb while the sun shone brightly on a California afternoon.

″It’s too bad,″ said perpetual fashion gadfly Mr. Blackwell. ″If it was nighttime you couldn’t see the dresses as well. They would look better.″

The glamorous women who adorn such TV hits as ″L.A. Law,″ ″Golden Girls″ and ″Murder She Wrote,″ chose either tailored elegance or shimmering sequins in a rerun of Emmys past.

Others came in everything from miniskirts to pants and one couple wore African costumes.

The head turner of the outdoor arrivals was Jean Kasem, wife of Casey Kasem, whose outfit featured 25 pounds of metal.

The creation, which she said was titled ″metal mass,″ was created for her by Anthony Ferrara. It was topped off with a black helmet with rows of beads falling below her chin.

″At least Jean knows what being a star is all about,″ said Blackwell who turned thumbs down on most of the star dressing.

″There’s too much cheap glitz,″ said Richard Blackwell, who compiles an annual worst-dressed list said. ″There’s nothing new. No one can figure out what a fashion statement is. This is probably one of the most eclectic masses of yesterday.″

The fans who gathered across the street from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium for the ceremonies appeared to share Blackwell’s ho hum attitude. They barely screamed at all when the stars stepped from their limousines.

In the middle of the fan gallery, protesters from a religious group carried placards reading, ″TV idols and idolaters, repent 3/8″

Perhaps the most unique outfit was worn by a costume designer, Paula Glock, who embellished her black minisuit with brass knives, forks and spoons displayed down the front. She called the outfit, ″Dinner For Two.″

In the crowd of fans, some of the warmest applause was reserved for such youth-oriented shows as ″The Wonder Years″ and ″Growing Pains″ as well as the stars of ″Golden Girls,″ a show aimed at an older audience.

The ″Golden Girls″ - Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, Betty White and Rue McClanahan - were tastefully glamorous in a range of sequins and satins.

Angela Lansbury of ″Murder, She Wrote″ showed up in a feminine version of a male tuxedo, an outfit Blackwell dubbed as passe.

″I think the pants scene is over,″ he said. ″But I think she looked elegant - from the hips up.″

The standout, according to Blackwell, was Debbie Allen who wore a dress with billowing black sleeves and a gold sash.

Susan Ruttan of ″L.A. Law″ wore a tight brocade minidress fashioned with a net pouf around the neck.

Asked who designed her dress, she said, ″I did 3/8″

Said Blackwell: ″It looks like it.″

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