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June 24, 2016

“If the prime minister loses this I don’t see how he can survive as prime minister. Talk about lame ducks. This would be a duck with no legs and no stability whatsoever.” -Scottish National Party lawmaker Alex Salmond on British Prime Minister David Cameron, who led the campaign for Britain to remain in the European Union, which failed according to official results.

“In legal theory that is possible. In practice that is absolutely not possible.” - Alan Renwick, the deputy director of the Constitution Unit at University College London, on the suggestion that U.K. lawmakers might simply decide to ignore or slow-ball the process of allowing Britain to leave the European Union.

“Colombia got used to living in conflict. We don’t have even the slightest memories of what it means to live in peace.” -Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, after he and Rodrigo Londono, commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia signed a peace accord, ending a 52-year war between the country’s leaders and rebel fighters.