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Names In The Game

September 2, 1993

IRVING, Texas (AP) _ First the Super Bowl and now the dirt.

A recently published book on the Dallas Cowboys says that during its championship run, the team was nearly undone by friction between owner Jerry Jones and coach Jimmy Johnson, who aren’t the ″buddies from Arkansas″ that outsiders believe.

Skip Bayless, author of ″The Boys: The Untold Story of the Dallas Cowboys’ Season on the Edge,″ also tracks the coming of age of quarterback Troy Aikman. ″From the start I had a journalist’s eye view of a stunning story - how a talented, young team run by two talented, egomaniacal men came and somehow stayed together,″ Bayless said.

Bayless, who wrote ″God’s Coach,″ a 1990 biography of former Cowboys coach Tom Landry, said a turning point in the players’ perception of Johnson came after a spectacular blowup by the coach on a flight home from a Dec. 13 loss at Washington.

Johnson has suggested the blowup, in which he tried to deny his team dinner after intimating his players didn’t hurt enough after the loss, was scripted, along with two subsequent outbursts after victories over Atlanta and Chicago.

Bayless doesn’t buy that explanation.

It was Johnson’s tantrum, Bayless said, that drove Aikman to take over the team, propelling the Cowboys on a playoff run that culminated in the 52-17 thrashing of the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl.


STARKVILLE, Miss. (AP) - Mississippi State will unveil a 12-foot tall cowbell in its season opener against Memphis State.

The 500-pound bell is painted white and is emblazoned with the Bulldogs’ insignia.

Members of the National Association of Industrial Technology student organization, which worked on it for a year, are billing it as the world’s largest cowbell.

The Bulldogs play Memphis State on Saturday in Starkville.

″It makes an awful sound, but being a Bulldog alumnus, it’s music to my ears,″ said industrial technology instructor Ennis ″Chip″ Bailey.

″To our opponents, it’s going to sound terrible.″

The bell will be used during only non-Southeastern Conference games. The SEC passed a rule several years ago banning the cowbells because of the noise.

Bailey said $5,000 was raised from Starkville area businesses and industries to build the bell and outfit a golf cart trailer to haul it.


IRVINE, Calif. (AP) - Joe Montana’s awesome statistics, including five MVP Awards, four Super Bowl championships and 244 passing touchdowns, are of secondary interest to his latest business connection. Sports Specialties announced on Thursday that Montana’s hat size is 7 1/4 .

Sports Specialities makes headwear, including the cap Montana now wears. Montana, who is debuting as Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, will appear in advertisements this fall wearing the cap.


LILLEHAMMER, Norway (AP) - Norwegians, although friendly, are known as a reserved and quiet people, especially around strangers.

So with tens of thousands of visitors due in Lillehammer for the 1994 Winter Olympics in February, officials decided to help local service workers lighten up with what Norwegians call ″a smile course.″

The Olympic organizers offered 1,000 businesses in the Lillehammer region of southern Norway ″The Olympic Service Course,″ in hopes of inspiring improved, and more cheerful, service in stores and restaurants.

Perhaps locals think they smile enough. Or maybe they’re shy.

In any case, organizers frowned when only two people from Lillehammer - a town of 23,000 - and four from neighboring towns signed up.

″I was disappointed and amazed,″ said project leader Finn Arild Simensen.