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Three Former Priests Expelled, Accused Of Distributing Marxist Material

October 23, 1988

ASUNCION, Paraguay (AP) _ Three foreigners who formerly were Roman Catholic priests were expelled to neighboring Argentina Saturday accused of distributing Marxist material, Asuncion radio stations reported.

The three, Antonio Cagna and Silvano Tessei of Italy and Michel Derieux of Belgium, were arrested Oct. 13. An Interior Ministry communique said they entered Paraguay as priests of the Franciscan order years ago and then left the priesthood and married Paraguayans.

On Friday the government expelled Peter Paul Theis of West Germany, also a former priest, on the same charges Friday. Theis was sent to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

″The intended purpose of the dissemination of material of Marxist content is the direct incitation to violence, and the development of class warfare,″ the ministry said in a communique Friday.

The three men expelled Saturday were sent to Clorinda, Argentina, 31 miles southeast of the capital of Asuncion.

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