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Reed Album Gets First Performance

March 16, 2002

BERLIN (AP) _ More than a quarter-century after its release as a double album of amplified noise and feedback, Lou Reed’s ``Metal Machine Music″ is getting its first live performance this weekend from a German avant-garde classical ensemble.

``I find it very, very thrilling,″ said Reed, who worked on the project and will play in the performance by the 10-member group, Zeitkratzer. Members of the ensemble painstakingly transcribed the original record to be played by a classical string, wind, piano and accordion ensemble.

``I’ve always loved `Metal Machine Music,‴ Reed told a news conference in Berlin on Friday. ``I think, after 27 years, it’s time to let some other people into it.″

Reed insisted that ``this, to me, is what contemporary classical (music) should sound like.″ But, he recalled, ``it had a very, very bad reception. It was taken off the market in three weeks.″

The project was born two years ago when Zeitkratzer’s leader, Reinhold Friedl, approached Reed with the idea of a live performance. ``He thought I was completely mad,″ Friedl said ahead of Sunday’s performance at Berlin’s MaerzMusik festival.

Reed, 60, gained rock ‘n’ roll fame writing about drugs and the seedy underbelly of New York.

He formed the Velvet Underground in 1964 before beginning a solo career in 1970. His hits include ``Walk on the Wild Side,″ ``Sweet Jane,″ and ``Rock and Roll.″


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