Barulli Explores Her ‘passion’ at St. Joe’s

November 25, 2018

STANDISH, Maine -- Rebecca Barulli of Tyngsboro, a junior at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, recently completed a rigorous, 10-week, scientific expedition with Saint Joseph’s called the Environmental Science Semester, one of the few programs in the country designed to immerse students in the practice of field science for an entire semester with a full course load.

Over the course of the program, students travel more than 2,000 miles across two countries, three states and six Maine islands as they gather and interpret data from unique field sites. Part of the Environmental & Marine Sciences majors, the Environmental Science Semester delivers a full load of four environmental and geoscience courses.

Beginning in mid-August, the Environmental Science Semester travels to New Hampshire’s White Mountains to view the effects of alpine glaciation, then to eastern Maine, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, investigating evidence of both Ice Age and tropical climates. Students then travel to Cape Cod and the southern coast of Maine for studies of ecosystem interactions in the marine environment.

Finally, in October, students plumb the depths of the Gulf of Maine, studying oceanography from a historic, 72-foot Maine schooner.

“The ESS has been an invaluable experience for me,” Barulli said. “It challenged me academically but also made me realize the passion I have for the world we live in. The new experiences we encountered week after week had an adventurous component to them that made the lectures seem like intriguing conversations. The observations and analyses we made completely changed the way I looked at the environment -- from the beaches in the area to how climate change is affecting our planet.”

For more information about the program, visit www.sjcme.edu/ess .

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