Kavanaugh doesn’t deserve smear -- Don Hilbig

September 27, 2018

In the 19th and 20th centuries it was not uncommon for an African-American man to be lynched on the false accusation of a woman. Today a man can still be “hung” by the same unproven cry of accusation -- just ask Clarence Thomas or Brett Kavanaugh.

The accusation by Christine Blasey Ford against Kavanaugh is as flimsy as it is political and mean-spirited. After 36 years the memory is notorious for error and revision. Clearly the identity of the alleged boy involved is far from established.

The accuser isn’t even sure of the date, place or other vital circumstances that a trauma would cement into the brain. Some descriptions of the alleged incident suggest a teenage wrestling match that was reinterpreted later by the accuser.

One has to wonder also about the motivation and timing behind her last-minute charges. Does the fact she is a Democrat play a part in this drama?

The U.S. Senate is a very inappropriate place for a “trial.” That belongs in a courtroom focused on evidence and the law. Accusations, faulty memories and a questionable motivation are the ingredients of smearing and harming and must be rejected.

Let us not judge without proof. Lynching is still a nasty business.

Don Hilbig, Beloit

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